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By adding a windscreen to your fence, you can achieve more privacy and security. It also helps control dust and wind. Windscreen provides a background and a professional appearance on every job or event. Our Windscreen rentals are available in a variety of colors with Black, Green, & Tan being the most common.

If you require another color or company logo/names, Pamlico Fence does offer custom options. Our windscreen is available in heights ranging from 4 ft. to as tall as 10 ft., with special heights upon request.

All of our windscreen is hemmed and has grommets on all sides, making it very durable easy to attach to the fence. Windscreen can be applied easily to most all of our temporary fencing options offered by Pamlico Fence Company.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Custom Options available for color, height, and company logos/names
  • Heights ranging from 4ft to 10ft
  • Very Durable - hemmed with grommets on all sides
  • Can be easily attached to any fence


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